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Engineer(Mechanic) good English, experience with Diesel engine
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My name is Hlib Kiian

I am pleased to e-mail my Application Form to you for applying as a engineer position on board the vessel managed by your good company.

I’m sure that my knowledge and dedicated attitude make me a competent candidate for the position as a engineer.
I have valid all documents in accordance with my position and STCW, additional documents can be obtained upon request by your good company.
I’m a responsible,motivated,hard worker and not a conflicting person.

I prefer work onboard Any Vessel but It’s not limited to consider work on board any other vessels as well.

In the attached file please find my Application Form.

If you are given the chance I am confident that I can fulfill all of the duties that this position requires. I look forward to discussing this matter further and will be available anytime You would like to talk or meet. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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